Cross Country Biking

Here in the mountainous interior of exotic Rhodopes you can enjoy off-road biking through some of the most unspoiled natural surroundings left in Europe. This Bulgarian mountain has as rich culture and history and you can experience a timeless lifestyle with a different rhythm, not to mention the sometimes bizarre signs of the last 50 years.

The climate is perfect for being outdoors, with four distinct seasons giving a lush landscape, but with warm summery weather from about April to October. We are at a height of 650m and ride up to 2000m so there are always cooling mountain breezes, more like a beautiful day in the UK than anywhere else.

We aim for a fun holiday rather than an endurance test, so ride at a relaxed pace (with moments of great excitement, naturally) and have plenty of rest stops to soak up this unique place. Each day we have different guided rides, most leaving right from the garden and all over varied terrain and largely single-track truly cross-country to keep you wanting more..


Novice Trails

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It is a cross country trail for novice bikers.

It is perfect for families with little children.

You can learn a lot of techniques in

mountain biking with our guides

on this tour. Read More


Intermediate Trails

South Course

It is a cross country trail for novice bikers.

South Course.kmz

The Bear Forest Trail

It is a cross country trail for advanced bikers.

The Bear Forest Trail Rhodopes.kmz

The White Stone

An intermediate trail, whit elevation of about

300 meters, wide gravel road.

The White Stone.kmz

Trail Grades

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