Ice Climbing

In the fall of 2010, a couple of volunteers strung out some half inch pvc pipe and the odd assortment of garden hose and sprinkler heads and began to farm ice in the gorge. The results surprised even the pundits: long steep flows of crystal blue ice on previously blank rock; the Sredok Ice Park had arrived. Word spread quickly among the small ice climbing fraternity and that winter of 2010-11 saw many climbers come down to Smolyan to test out the newly formed terrain.

The Sredok Ice Park was built entirely by an enthusiastic volunteer work force as well as donated materials and capital. DEST in Rhodopes is a nonprofit corporation that includes nine volunteer board members who are considerably skilled at ditch-digging and plumbing systems. The Sredok Ice Park as we know it today is a shining example of what a volunteer organization can accomplish with little capital but a lot of enthusiasm and vision. DEST in Rhodopes has continued to improve and expand the Ice Park each year through memberships, corporate sponsorships, and funds raised by the annual Ice Festival.

The project is still in development so any climbing by your own is not appreciated, cause of not fully equipped tours. We are still working on the ice wall so its full potential would rise in time.

The Ice Rock in Smolyan