Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in the Rhodope Mountains is a spiritual adventure in which a person can be transferred to another vertical reality. The rocks in the Rhodope Mountains from Thracian times (Old Greek) are converted into sanctuaries of Thracian gods. It was believed that the rocks collect the sun’s energy. The rocks in the Smolyan valley are associated with many myths and legends of Orpheus and Eurydice, Momchil junack , Neviastata and other local mystical stories. All this with incredible panoramic views, the scent of geraniums and mint, adrenaline, which comes the height and brave moves on the rock’s face, turn this adventure into an unforgettable experience.

For your security, there are certified instructors in mountaineering and Alpinisum, explaining everybody the dose of risk and difficulty of the desired route, help you to climb the rocks and care for flawless belaying. The routes are of varying difficulty there is for beginners and advanced climbers.

We offer both ,day activities and any training courses for different periods of time, which includes not only climbing but also the orientieering and survival in extreme conditions.

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It includes full climbing equipment and climbing instructor plus drink of your choice.

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